What Our Clients Are Saying?

“I found the course easy to follow  and will in due course returning to complete other services you have to offer.” – VIC 

“It was a very helpful course!” – NSW

“I would certainly recommend the course to others. It has detail and examples that are easy to follow. I do think 100% is a high bench mark , although understand that’s there’s no room for errors as you are operating Trust accounts. I was very interested in the flow charts that you have in the course. Is it possible to get a PDF copy? The main ones I’m interested in are: 

  • Receipts & Banking: Source Records – Secondary Records – Reports
  • Payments & Journal Transfer – Trust Bank Ac to General Operating Ac & General ; General Office Bank Ac to office payments/receipts and Invoices

I’m writing up notes to assist me when I review it and these flow charts make it easy to understand. ” – South Coast Bookkeeping, VIC – www.southcoastbookkeeping.com.au

“Yes I really enjoyed the course, I found it well explained and detailed, if there was something I wasn’t 100% about it would get explained later down the course or even those helpful flashing dots which defined what some things where and provided extra information!” – VIC

“I thought the course was good and well structured!” – NSW
“With little knowledge of legal accounting, I found the content and associated resources to be presented in a manner that was concise and easy to digest. The unique presentation and interactivity that this learning platform provided, certainly exceeded my expectations and the standards in online learning. Being able to seamlessly examine relevant reference material and at many opportunities within the modules is certainly a highlight alongside the engaging animation. 
I can boldly say that I am very confident and familiar with the intricate rules and regulations of legal accounting after completing the course. From a retrospective, I can easily see how this course can be an important tool for bookkeepers requiring a refresh or an introduction to legal accounting. To those sitting on the fence; this course is definitely setting new standards for learning! Bravo!”  – VIC


“Overall I thought the course was good!  I enjoyed the course. It was easy to follow, and I like the fact that links to the relevant rules were available within the course notes.” – NSW

“I have no bookkeeping knowledge and found the course understandable. I did use google to look up some terms. I am more confident in my understanding of trust accounting.” – WA

“I found the content of this self-paced course great as it really helped cement my understanding of the requirements of legal trust accounting in NSW. The course is value for money and provides a good overview of legal trust accounting in NSW”

“Overall the Online Legal Bookkeepers Course was a very user friendly, informative and excellent learning tool. I was extremely happy with all aspects of the course especially the flexibility with the time frame. 

The tutorials were very easy to follow and concise. I now feel my knowledge of all the different aspects of Legal Bookkeeping has improved greatly” – NSW

“A valuable resource for new bookkeepers entering the legal world, experienced bookkeepers who need a refresher, new practitioners who are maintaining their own records either by computer or manual records and experienced practitioners who require an update!” – NSW

” I thought the course was very well designed and educational! ” – NSW

“I found the course quite interesting, it’s one thing reading the Law Society Rules & another putting them into Practice, I will probably do the QLD one too. Just one suggestion that you may already have sorted, is it possible to send an email to those who have completed the course when there are changes to the Trust rules?  This might ensure that the course is taken more frequently.” – NSW

“I found the course very helpful, thanks. I had to set up a trust account and this course gave great insight on the requirements of setting it up and then maintaining it. The course was very good.  It was a good way of refreshing my skills and knowledge of Qld Trust Accounting.” – QLD

“Having also been to the seminar in Sydney earlier this year, it was good to be able to compare the two different ways to learn.

I thought the layout was quite nice and the system very user friendly, being easy to navigate and understand.  I liked the interaction of the slides and that you could stop and start when you pleased, not having to do the whole course in one session.  In fact I did part of it at the office and the balance at home.  I like the interactive slides and animation that you have on the page as it keeps us more involved and interested.
In comparison to the event in Sydney, I liked that there were no interruptions from other people asking ridiculous questions or taking up time.  However, at the event it was also good to be able to bounce ideas off each other and hear what the people from other firms were doing.  This is a very minor thing, and it is probably worth doing it online rather than having to travel to do the course if you live/work in a remote area. Overall, I think it is a great way to learn trust accounting or as a refresher for experienced bookkeeper” – NSW


I recently completed the Legal Bookkeepers Institute online training course covering Legal Trust Accounting.  The course was easy to follow and was a great way for me to validate my knowledge of Trust Accounting.  I have been doing Legal Accounting for five years and have recently been given an offsider to train who has no knowledge of bookkeeping, I will be recommending this course to my offsider as I believe it is designed for beginners in mind, it is a comprehensive step by step instructional power point which you can be completed at one’s own pace.  Thank you it is a valuable training tool.” – VIC

“I have found the Online Trust Accounting Course is an easy, informative and excellent way to refresh upon the Trust Account Regulations.  Our firm recently hired a new BookKeeper who had not worked in a legal firm before and the Online Trust Accounting Course was the first thing we enrolled her in.  She now has a better understanding of the rules and regulations as set out by the Law Society.”

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