Q. What is the Legal Profession Uniform Law?
A. The uniform regime was developed from work undertaken with the involvement of all Australian jurisdictions through a Council of Australian Governments reform process that commenced in 2009. The Uniform Law has since been simplified and developed by the Victorian and New South Wales governments with the aim of minimising administration and regulatory costs by using existing local level regulatory structures to provide regulatory services.

Q. What is the objective of the New Uniform Law?
A. In Victoria and New South Wales, lawyers and law practices are subject to the same framework of Legal Profession Uniform Rules made by the Legal Services Council. The rule-making power is provided under the Legal Profession Uniform Law and is very broad. Uniform Rules may be made with respect to any matter that the Uniform Law requires or permits to be specified in Uniform Rules or that is necessary or convenient to be specified for carrying out or giving effect to the Uniform Law.

Q. Is the course only for legal bookkeepers?
A. No. The course is for anyone who likes to learn more about legal trust accounting.

Q. Can I earn CLE/CPD points?
A. The advice provided by the Law Society is that the practitioner determines if the course if relevant to their practice or professional responsibilities and if so they claim it.

Q. What is the length of time the course is likely to take?
A. It would take a couple of hours to complete the modules if you did it in one session. However, you can take as long as you like to complete the course. Stopping and starting at your leisure. (your account will be active for a month).

Q. What are my payment options?
i) Pay with your PayPal account
ii) Pay with a credit or debit card – VISA,MasterCard, American Express.(NOT corporate credit card)
iii) Pay by EFT under certain circumstances (Contact us for Account details)

Q. What type of software is required as a prerequisite for this course?
A. Only internet access. No specific software required

Q. What equipment do I need to study the course?
A. You will need a computer and Internet access. Nothing else!

Q. Can I run the course on iPad?
A. Yes. The Online Course can be used on any device, any time: desktop, laptop, iPad or smartphone. So if you have half an hour waiting in the airport or train station, you can do the learning on an iPad.

Q. How will I receive a certificate?
A. After attaining a Pass in all modules and the Final Assessment the system will automatically generate a Certificate of Competency in the name of the person who registered for the course.

Q. Is this Online Course video/audio based?
A. It is not a video/audio course. It is an Online Tutorial based on the regulatory framework of each state.

Q. Do I need to take an exam?
A. At the end of each learning module there will be a quiz

Q. Can payment be made over the phone?
A. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment over the phone.

Q. Can I request a refund after enrolled in the course?
A. Refunds are not permitted once you are enrolled and payment processed.

Q. What if I need help?
A. Email your questions to enquiries@legalbookkeepersinstitute.com.au

Q. Will there be courses available for other States?
A. We currently have courses for NSW, QLD,VIC, WA, SA, NT and Tasmania.

Q. Can I revisit the Tutorials after completion and printed the Certificate?
A. You should be able to review the Tutorials as long as the account is Active. However, you won’t be able to retake the Quizzes.

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